Untouched Photography.

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Sarah Harding and Deborah Elias during film shoot

Suspicious Evil Cat



Alien Moon

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Venol King

Laura Simmone King Wedding


Old Rustic Road Sign

Plane Experiment

City lights from the Stratosphere

Torre De Hercules Galicia A Coruna

Alien Abduction

Field of Dreams

Night Light House Torre De Hercules

Haunted Forrest

Haunted House


Torre De Hercules


What is "Untouched Photography"?
Well it's just that, as it comes out of the camera...
Photography untouched by Photoshop or any other software, resized to 800x600 for bandwidth and water marked.
And apart from the usual filters to protect the lens no special or coloured filters are used either.

What camera is used?
Whichever camera is handy at the time, handycams (DCR-E50), phones (LG Viewty), SLR (5D2), DSR DC9...
whatever has the specs for the shot.
Infact all photos retain their complete EXIF info as its generated by the camera.

What is Alienito's purpose?
More than anything to capture moods in a single frame or video, to show what the human eye cannot see
and invent new ways of using a camera.

Iv'e seen the Alienito logo on hotel and commercial photo's and on internet blogs, how can I tell they are genuine?
If they are not on or its client galleries the commisioning client may not want them displayed publicly but you can always email

Who commisions
Mostly Hotels, Tourism boards, Bespoke art collectors but also Airlines, Ad agencies and other sites such as
recce.TV where authentication is needed...